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Get access to the best SEO Tools to improve your brand’s online visibility and direct more traffic to your website!


Collect, analyze, report and understand all aspects of your website through its data so that you can optimize its visibility to search engines and therefore the amount of traffic it receives.


Compile lists of highly searched for keywords that are relevant to your business, industry, products and services and then use them to channel targeted traffic to your website.


Closely monitor and track your website’s ranking on local and global search engines for each of your targeted keywords. See what works and what doesn’t and make the necessary changes.


Manage, monitor and perfect your website’s SEO with our fantastic Do-It-Yourself SEO Packages. Master a crucial aspect of online marketing for yourself instead of paying an expert to do it for you!

Best SEO Tools

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a vast corporation or an online marketing agency… Genius SEO Tools enables Cape Town professionals to closely monitor, manage and perfect their website’s SEO strategy all in one place and with one easy-to-use dashboard and interface. We bring to you the best SEO tools you could possibly use to get your site ranking – and ranking highly – on the search results produced by local and global search engines. Whatever you want to achieve for your site, your company’s site or for the sites of your clients is now possible and easy with Genius SEO Tools.

• MASTER the best SEO Tools for high website rankings.

• DO IT YOURSELF and save yourself money paying the experts to do it.

• DELIVER high quality, custom branded reports to colleagues and clients.

• CHOOSE an affordable SEO Package that will suit your needs.

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